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Company LIMBURG SRL begin his activity from 2010.
Being organized from the beginning to be a grain transport company, it has become one of the main exporters of cereal products in the Republic of Moldova.
With the aim of developing in the market, LIMBURG SRL has become one of the few companies that have the right to import and trade of petroleum products (importing license number: AC NR: 000616).

Based on the correct principles in the relation with the clients and constantly increasing its credibility performance on the Moldovan market, the company obtained in 2016 certification in the Quality Management System SR EN ISO9001: 2015 (IQnet / SRAC certificate EN-10910)
We mainly buy cereals in local market (Moldova) and sell cereals to foreign customers

We transport cereals with 15 specialized grain trucks, and together with our base carriers our number of trucks reaches over 100 units.

We export our cereal products to Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, our main clients being ADM ROMANIA SRL, KIRAZOGLU Corp., Turkey, AGROLINO, Turkey, HERCULES SA, Romania, ARGUS SA, Romania, GoodMills, Romania, PRUTUL SA, Romania, PREMIUM PORC, Romania, ASTRA BIOPLANT OOD, Bulgaria etc.)

The temporal storage of the cereal products is made at our warehouses in the village of Solcani, R Soroca, at our Silos in LAPUSNA, as well as in the silos of our base partners, such as CEREALE GLODENI SA, Glodeni, etc.

We load cargo in Braila port and Braila free zone (KIRAZOGLU corp, HERCULES SA).
Starting with 2016, we stocked cargo storage and loading in seaports in Port Constanta (DANA 53)


Name     Price, MDL 
Sunflower    7,50 -:- 7,60
Barley    -:-
Wheat    -:-
Rape    -:-
Corn**    -:-
Soybean    -:-
Peas    -:-
Sorgo     -:-
**Pricefordry corn

RO-10910 :    IQNet / SRAC ISO 9001:2015 :    Certified Quality Management System

Address: Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, 37 Tighina Str., of.7      phone/fax: (+373 22) 26-09-75, 22-21-12;      email:

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