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  Oil Products

One of the main activities of LIMBURG SRL since 2016 is the import and wholesale of petroleum products on the territory of the Republic of Moldova

Work License: SERIAL AC NR: 000616

Being one of the few companies importing petroleum products and having a working license, LIMBURG SRL can offer competitive prices wholesale of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, bitumen, etc.)
Lying on a high quality level for sold petroleum products, LIMBURG SRL imports most of the products from the Romanian refineries.
Bitumen sold on the territory of the Republic of Moldova is imported from the factories in the Republic of Belarus (OAO "NAFTAN", JSC "Mozyr Oil Refinery" etc.)
For more details and possibility of negotiating price Please call the central office.
LIMBURG SRL also manages transport vehicles for oil products


Name     Price, MDL 
Sunflower    7,50 -:- 7,60
Barley    -:-
Wheat    -:-
Rape    -:-
Corn**    -:-
Soybean    -:-
Peas    -:-
Sorgo     -:-
**Pricefordry corn

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