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  Working Points

The central office is in the building located on 37 Tigina street, of. 7, Chisinau city.

Own truck park is located in the village of Ratus, near Chisinau city.

The main cereal silo is located in village Lapusna, Hancesti region.

Cereal stores are located in the village of Solcani, Soroca rayon and Soldanesti rayon.

Agricultural lands are located in the Soroca region.

Cereals warehouse in Constanta port (DOCK 53).


Name     Price, MDL 
Sunflower    7,50 -:- 7,60
Barley    -:-
Wheat    -:-
Rape    -:-
Corn**    -:-
Soybean    -:-
Peas    -:-
Sorgo     -:-
**Pricefordry corn

RO-10910 :    IQNet / SRAC ISO 9001:2015 :    Certified Quality Management System

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