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  Silo Lapusna

The main cereal silo is located in Lapusna, Hancesti region.
Located on the left side of the R33 motorway, after entering the village of LAPUSNA (about 200 meters), in the direction of Leuseni.

Grain storage capacity is about 50,000 kg.

We provide storage, processing and drying of cereals.

The cereals are stored in 16 separate warehouses each with a capacity of approximately 2500-3500 kg.

Warehouses location scheme in silo lapusna

Localization in google map:,28.4227432,987m/data=!3m1!1e3


Name     Price, MDL 
Sunflower    7,50 -:- 7,60
Barley    -:-
Wheat    -:-
Rape    -:-
Corn**    -:-
Soybean    -:-
Peas    -:-
Sorgo     -:-
**Pricefordry corn

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