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LIMBURG SRL development strategies are based on the following principles:

- Increasing the collaboration figure with Moldovan grain sellers and producers, with whom we have already had collaboration relations;
- Increase the number of Moldovan grain sellers and producers with whom we will begin to work;
- Forming a group of companies with loyal producers in collaboration with our company to increase the benefits;
- Increase of company own fleet of trucks;
- Increase company revenue based on business growth rates;
- Increase of agricultural land in the management of LIMBURG SRL in order to increase the quantity of its own production;
- Find new markets and increase the number of buyers with high confidence;
- Increase the share for agricultural land that is part of the ecological projects;


Name     Price, MDL 
Sunflower    7,50 -:- 7,60
Barley    -:-
Wheat    -:-
Rape    -:-
Corn**    -:-
Soybean    -:-
Peas    -:-
Sorgo     -:-
**Pricefordry corn

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